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Terms and Conditions

Rather than make this a wall of legalese, I'll spell it out to you in plain english:

  1. I will do my best to help you.
  2. I will respect the privacy of your data and will not disclose it's content to third parties.
  3. While I will do my best to take precautions and guard against unintended data loss, I do not guarantee the safety of your data. In cases where hard drives or filesystems have become corrupted, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to prevent data loss. Therefore the responsibility is on the owner of the data to make sure their data is backed up in at least one secure location (online or offline) before handing over their machines or storage mechanisms.
  4. In cases where data is being transferred from one drive to another (eg. cloning to a solid state drive), if the owner does not wish to hang onto the old hard drive, it will be retained by myself for one month before being securely-wiped to prevent data recovery by a third party, and then recycled. In scenarios where secure-wiping the drive is not possible (eg. a faulty drive), it will be physically destroyed.
  5. In the unlikely event that anything illegal is encountered in the course of operations (I do not go looking for such content, but very occasionally it has become apparent), I am obliged to report such material to the authorities. This does not include low-grade illegality such as pirated media.
  6. Abuse will not be tolerated, nor will I be abusive to you in turn.
  7. Bills should be paid within 21 days of being issued. Otherwise they may be referred to a debt collection agency, and they may charge you an additional 25% for the cost of recovery. In any such contexts I will always attempt to contact you about the bill before referring to a debt collector.

If you have any specific concerns which are not covered by the above, please get in touch via email or 0211348576.

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