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Laptop Repair


Laptop hardware repair is trickier than desktop repair, for two reasons: (a) the cases and components are harder to get at and (b) the parts - aside from the RAM , hard drive and Wifi unit - are typically custom for that model. That means that if anything other than the RAM, wifi unit or hard drive go wrong, it's hard to fix the device without finding another of the same model.

But having said that, 90% of the time the hard drive is the part which fails. And those are easy to replace and clone. The difficulty comes when the hard drive is extensively damaged, and then it becomes difficult to get your data back. Hard drives have a median lifespan of 6 years and 1/4 fail within the first 4 years, so Always keep your data in two places at all times! On a backup drive or in a cloud service like Google Drive.

Power cords and the like are easy to replace, however if the power supply inside the laptop, or the motherboard is failing, unless an equivalent model is available on the second hand market, you're looking at a new laptop. A damaged screen is generally easier to come by, with replacements costing around $100-$200 on amazon or ebay. If you need something repaired or are uncertain whether your laptop problem is hardware or software-related, get in touch!

info@homepcsupport.co.nz or phone 0211348576.

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