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How to learn computers "real good"

To whom it may concern; may it be known that I am not a people person - in fact, I'm not even really a "person" person. There are, however, those who enjoy working with others to achieve goals, and those are really the sort of people you should be looking for when you want someone to train you - rather than my beady eyes examining your every mouse movement and silently judging it. (Note: this is not really true - I'm not really interested in mouse movements, I'm interested in whether or not you remembered to backup your data, and record your passwords. I am really good at being judgemental about those things!)

Anyway, thought I'd rattle off some organisations, people and websites that're good for those wanting to up their ante in terms of computer skillage. Local to Matangi there's our in-home trainer, Heather Wickham (catchuptraining.co.nz), who will quite happily invade your premises to teach you things, if you like. If you'd prefer off-site, there's a few more options:

Yes, that's actually a real web address which has parentheses in it and the word 'space' in between them. I'm as surprised as you are. And bewildered that they thought that was, in any way shape or form, a good idea.

Finally, here's a few online resources for those who just want to look stuff up for themselves:

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