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Where are your keys?

Where are those keys of mine. Where have I left them? Are they in the kitchen sink? Are they next to all the other keys? How can I distinguish between my car key and the house key?
I am, of course, not talking about keys. Metaphors are fun. I'm talking about passwords. Again.

Please look after your passwords. Please keep them safe. Without your keys you cannot drive your car. Without your passwords you cannot access your accounts, and it may be impossible to get those accounts back if you lose the password. Chances are, your accounts are with very large corporations that don't care whether you live or die. That is typically the case nowadays.

There are programs which will record your passwords for you, and store them (supposedly) securely, but even those companies have been hacked in the past. Web browsers also store your passwords, typically, but inevitably you're going to have to change to another computer or browser, and then you're lost if you haven't recorded them elsewhere.

So don't lose your passwords. You will need them, and sooner than you think. When you get a new computer, or your old one breaks down, or you need to access those accounts on a different device - you will need your passwords. And you can't expect anybody else to take responsibility for that. Do you ask your mechanic to take care of your car keys? Do you expect the person who sold you the car to take care of your car keys?

No? Then why do you expect computer salespeople, or email companies, or industry professionals to take care of your passwords for you? It's not going to happen. Take care of your passwords. A notebook is best.

- Matt Bentley, computer expert at Bentley Home PC Support.
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