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Recycling - where and how?

I recently made a post on neighbourly.co.nz about recycling computers which got a lot of feedback and response. I thought I'd expand upon that by giving some general directions for recycling, not just computers, but electronic equipment and other kinds of materials. As I noted in that post, Dave from RecycleIT in Frankton (0276295000) is the man to talk to if you've got some old computer equipment you're looking to get rid of. It doesn't matter whether or not it's working. He will reuse, recycle and/or strip computer equipment for parts, and in some cases will even do pick-up's from your address.

The caveat to that is CRT monitors and TV screens (the big old clunky ones). Those need to be taken into the dump shop at the refuse centre (the dump) in Frankton, where a $5 fee will ensure they are recycled properly (this style of monitor contains many harmful substances like lead and mercury). As far as I know these are not taken with the inorganic rubbish collections. Other electronics, like metal waste in general, can be taken into most metal recyclers and exchanged for a bit of pocket change - I personally use Scrap Palace in Hamilton. This includes items like dishwashers, stereos and rusty old heaters.

As for the rest, here's places to take stuff:

The main reason for writing this was the amount of good quality materials I see going to waste or left to rot in the rain whenever the inorganic recycling season starts locally. By comparison, with a very small amount of effort you can possibly save someone else a heck of a lot of time and energy.

- Matt Bentley, computer expert at Bentley Home PC Support.
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