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About Me

My name's Matt Bentley; I've been building and fixing computers since 1997.
I have a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, do programming in my spare time,
and have worked for the following companies in the past as a computer technician and salesperson:

  • PC General
  • Millennium Technology (also known as PC Heroes)
  • PB Tech
  • Need a Nerd

I also write articles for local newspapers and newsletters, with a focus on helping others with their
understanding of computers and computing problems. An archive of these articles is available here.

Bentley Home PC Support has been operational since 2013. Prior to 2019 the name of the business was
Waikato Home PC Support - which was changed to reflect the broader range of the business.

For a quote or to help me understand your problem better, please get in contact.

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