XPfree - Tracktion 3 Unlock Guide

This is a guide for Legitimate license-holders of Tracktion 3 to unlock their software. I have tacit support/neutrality from the tracktion 4 team for doing this, as the Mackie servers which used to unlock Tracktion 3 no longer exist, and there is no code left that the tracktion team can find for unlocking all T3 licenses. Furthermore, there are no legitimate downloads left for Tracktion 3 (all links used to point to the Mackie servers) so it is pretty difficult for illegitimate users to abuse this service. Lastly, I just want to mention that there is no support anywhere for unlocking Tracktion 1 or 2 licenses, and this guide will Not work for them - sorry!

How this works

There is a key generator for Tracktion 3 which works. Like most things of this nature it's infected with a trojan virus, or at least some scanners say it is (and others don't). Regardless, for safety it's necessary to run it in a sandbox to avoid any potential harm. Essentially a sandbox prevents a program from touching the computer, unless you say it can, which makes the process safe. The keyfile it generates cannot be infected, as it is a data file which doesn't contain any executable code. BTW, if you find any keygen for Tracktion 1 or 2, it's fake- don't bother.

What you will need


  1. Start Tracktion 3. In the project window, click the 'about' button. Your machine 'number' will be visible, select the text of only the 'number' using the mouse, then right-click the selection and left-click on 'copy'. If your tracktion 3 install is on a separate machine to the machine you're running sandboxie on, just write it down on paper and type it in later.
  2. Start Sandboxie (if running Vista or Windows 7, you may need to right-click Sandboxie and 'Run as Administrator' to get the keygen to work).
  3. In windows explorer, extract the keygen.exe file from the t3key.zip zip archive.
  4. Click and drag the keygen.exe file into the sandboxie window. If the sandboxie window is hidden by the explorer window, drag the keygen down onto the sandboxie program in the taskbar. The Sandboxie window will appear, drag the file into the sandboxie window and release the mouse.
  5. Sandboxie will ask you which box you want to run in. Run in the Default box.
  6. The keygen.exe program will now run. Horrifying techno music will blare from your speakers. This is normal. Enter your name and email address. Paste your machine number from tracktion 3 into the 'machine number' field. Click on 'Generate'. The program will ask you for a location, choose your location. Sandboxie will now ask you where you want to recover the generated file to. Click on 'Recover to same folder'.
  7. Close the keygen program then close sandboxie. Your 'Tracktion3.key' keyfile should now be in the folder you selected.
  8. Go back to tracktion. On the same 'about' page that you got the machine number from, click on 'unlock this copy using a keyfile' and select your 'Tracktion3.key' keyfile. Congratulations, your copy of tracktion 3 should now be unlocked.
  9. Re-enable your virus scanner and restore it's normal settings.
  10. Drink a cup of tea or something.

All advice given without guarantee - use your brain - if anything dies/fries/explodes, go see a doctor.

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